Enigma Front

Enigma Front Titles

The annual short anthology of IFWA members published by Analemma Books has just closed its third call for submissions. This year’s theme, The Monster Within, celebrates and recognizes the upcoming 100 year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. With over 45 stories submitted, the selection team has their work cut out for them as many … Read more

Aurora Awards

The time has almost arrived for the Aurora Awards in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy! The process will begin next week with nominations opening. The Aurora Awards is a chance for authors and readers to select the best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the past year. To declare your eligibility, … Read more

Canada Reads 2017

  Wouldn’t it be great if the entire country read and discussed some of Canada’s top Science Fiction! It’s your opportunity to vote for the theme of the next Canada Reads Debates on CBC. What’s even cooler, there’s a good chance that someone you know may be selected for the … Read more

Artist Showcase: In Places Between Fundraiser

Showcasing the artwork from the recently published In Places Between. Books and artwork available for purchase. Talk to the authors and meet the artists! This event will showcase the volunteers that submitted artwork to make the event a success. We appreciate their hard work and willingness to support the contest … Read more

Poor Man’s Workshop

writing workshop

The poor man’s workshop evolved from the many wonderful full writing workshops run around the world. The big difference is that the main focus of this workshop is to critique each other’s work. While in other full workshops, visiting authors may be brought in to teach and mentor the participants. … Read more