Enigma Front

Enigma Front Titles

Enigma Front TitlesThe annual short anthology of IFWA members published by Analemma Books has just closed its third call for submissions. This year’s theme, The Monster Within, celebrates and recognizes the upcoming 100 year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. With over 45 stories submitted, the selection team has their work cut out for them as many talented authors contribute their stories with their personal style, genre, and interpretation of the theme.

The anthology will be published over the next several months and launched at the annual When Words Collide Reader Festival. The previous titles, Enigma Front and Enigma Front Burnt, can be found on Amazon or at local booksellers around Calgary and central Alberta. Be sure to check out the previously published talent before the new release!

Canada Reads 2017


Alien Abduct CBCWouldn’t it be great if the entire country read and discussed some of Canada’s top Science Fiction! It’s your opportunity to vote for the theme of the next Canada Reads Debates on CBC. What’s even cooler, there’s a good chance that someone you know may be selected for the shortlist!

Canada Reads is an annual “battle of the books” competition organized and broadcast by Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC. The program has aired annually in two distinct editions, the English-language Canada Reads on CBC Radio One, and the French-language Le Combat des livres on Première Chaîne.

During Canada Reads, five personalities champion five different books, each champion extolling the merits of one of the titles. The debate is broadcast over a series of five programs. At the end of each episode, the panellists vote one title out of the competition until only one book remains. This book is then billed as the book that all of Canada should read.

How do you vote? Go to http://www.cbc.ca/books/2016/10/canada-reads-theme-survey.html and select your favourite theme!

IFWA Write-Off, a Calgary writers retreat.

Can’t seem to put a chunk of time together to write in?

Here’s an opportunity to write off a weekend!

The write-off will be held on April 18-21.

At the Richmond Meadows Recreation Hall: 4940, 39 Ave. S.W.

Join fellow IFWITS as we sit at tables and, to the sound of pencils and keyboards, write for the entire weekend in an atmosphere free of distractions. Banquet tables and chairs are provided. Please bring an extension cord if you are writing electrically. The lighting is sometimes inadequate so you may want to bring a lamp. Bus service is quite good with several routes coming directly from downtown. A small “coffee break” area will be set up for conversation.

NOTE:There is no parking in the complex. Please Park behind COOP

Schedule is as follows: (very much subject to change except for opening times)

Friday 8:00 am hall opens and is available for set-up and to start writing till whatever time you’d like to quit that evening.

Saturday 8:00 am the hall opens.

5:00 pm break for pizza.

6:00 – 8:00 pm some writerly discussion

8:00 pm hall is available for as long as you’d like to stay and write that evening.

Sunday 8:00 am the hall opens.

The hall is available for as long as you’d like to stay and write that evening.

Monday 8:00 am the hall opens.

5:00 pm pack up, clean up, and be amazed at how much you’ve accomplished.

NOTE:There is no parking in the complex. Please Park behind COOP

You will be responsible for your own food and drink except for Sat. evening pizza. There is a COOP store a block away and several restaurants and fast food places only two blocks away.

The hall has fridge, stove, kettle, and coffee maker.