Special Event – IFWA Readings Opportunity Event: Sci-Fi Night at the Observatory Saturday, October 27 7:30pm to 11:00pm   Flash Fiction (Preferably on a Sci-Fi theme, but not necessary) Word Count: 55 to 600 words. Rating: PG-13. Multiple readings encouraged!  Have a story you feel fits and theme and length, but can’t make … Read more

April’s IFWA meeting began with critiques for two members’ stories. The prompt for the Friday Night Readings at When Words Collide will be “Widgets of Death.” May 3 is the deadline for speculative stories for “In Places Between,” the Robin Herrington Short Story Contest (details on the IFWA site); Pampered … Read more

Write-Off (IFWA writers retreat)

IFWA’s spring write-off is just around the corner. Can’t seem to put a chunk of time together to write in? Here’s an opportunity to write off a weekend! The write-off will be held on April 6-9. At the Richmond Meadows Recreation Hall: 4940, 39 Ave. S.W. Join fellow IFWITS as … Read more

March 2012 meeting

The March meeting was an opportunity to catch up on business. Members were encouraged to nominate valued works for the Aurora Awards, volunteer for When Words Collide and attend the April writers’ retreat. Panel topics for the conference were generated, and IFWA decided to hold a party on the Saturday … Read more

February 2012 meeting

The skills session on Dealing With Amazon by Craig DiLouie was fantastic. I really hope he will reprise this presentation at When Words Collide, this summer. Two stories were critiqued and two items of business were covered: our library must be moved out of the Sentry Box due to a … Read more